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Friday, August 17, 2007

Blogs Moved!

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lightening Up

This whole cooking lifestyle change for 2007 is real work. Good thing I have my handy dandy kitchen helpers.

#1. My favorite cookbook

The Best Light Recipe

I've always been a fan of America's Test Kitchen and the Cooks Illustrated magazines, thanks to my sister/pastry chef/kitchen mistress Rachel. The recipes are always on target, often needing only salt and pepper adjustments to match the individual palate. My favorite recipes in this book are the low fat glazes for broiling and grilling fish. They have the Hoisin and Ginger Glaze, Mustard and Brown Sugar Glaze, the Honey and Chipotle Glaze and the Sesame Soy Glaze. Paired with a good fish fillet, steamed vegetables and brown rice - my tummy is satisfied each night. It's been a mix'n'match pan-hopping love affair!

#2 My favorite new cooking tool.
The Lean and Mean George Foreman Grilling Machine

Did I just hear a collective groan from the general public? Early apologies but I am going to start sounding like a crazed homemaker with a hysterical testimonial. But yes, the George Foreman Grill is amazing!!! Three points why I love my new grill.

#1. I'm saving electricity by not having to fire up the entire gas stove for just two fillets of chicken breast. And I don't have to stand over a charcoal BBQ for the same effect.
#2 I can actually SEE all the fat drippings come out of the grill, therefore reducing fat content in the food. That of course, results in a healthier dish
#3 Cooking is lighting fast! For fish, you can grill up fillets in 4 minutes, both chicken and steak take about 5 minutes. Voila!

I've started developing my own recipes and while I don't see myself in the running for Top Chef anytime soon, I'm really enjoying this new culinary side of me. Last night, I made grilled catfish with low-fat yogurt, tumeric and cumin, with a side dish of green beans and sauteed soy mushrooms and it was pretty darn good. Top that off with a desert of mocha ricotta creme (recipe courtesy of South Beach Book) with a bonus piece of Ghiradhelli dark chocolate for good behavior. Who says dieting has to be a sacrifice?

P.S. I dropped a dress size!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My new blog address! Check it out!

The Song Running in My Head

I first heard this on last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Makes me feel like crying which I've been doing a bit of lately.

Falling Awake
Gary Jules

Gary Jules Falling Awake Lyrics
Eagle in the dark
Feathers in the pages
Monkeys in my heart
Rattling their cages
Found a way to blue
Another ghost to follow
Said its only up to you
It's the hardest pill to swallow


You never get to choose
You live on what they send you
You know the kind of use
Things you love will get you
One foot in the grave
One foot in the shower
There's never time to save
You're paying by the hour

And that's just the way it goes
Falling awake
And that's just the way it goes

Slipping through the bars
Aware of the danger
Of riding in the cars
Taking candy from strangers
You're never out of hand
Never out of pocket
Super sonic man
Do you want to buy a rocket

Well that's just the way it goes
Falling awake
Falling awake
And that's just the way it goes
Falling awake
Falling awake

Eagle in the dark
Feathers in the pages
Monkeys in my heart
Are rattling their cages
I could learn to play the game
Learn to run the hustle
If I only had the brains
The money or the muscle

Monday, January 22, 2007

South Beach Diet Weigh In - Week 3

So we moved on Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet and I am so happy to have my carbs back. I reintroduced fruits in our diet, plus whole grain bread and brown rice. While eating brown rice still takes some getting used to, I feel better already. No more midnight cravings for macaroni and cheese. What I still do crave for is pizza and hamburgers. But Andreas makes a good substitute cheeseburger with lean meat and fat reduced cheese, on an eggplant "bun." Pizza is made with thinly sliced portabello mushroom as a crust, with fat-reduced mozzarella. It's not the same thing, but it certainly is healthier.

Weight-wise, we haven't continued to lose any more weight. I've gone down 4 pounds in the first two weeks, and it sorta plateaued from there. Andreas lost 10 pounds.

On the upside, I did lose 1 1/2 inch from my waist and 1 inch 1/2 inches from my hips.

I still walk 6 miles a week, plus 30 minutes of light weight training and calisthetics daily.

More progress reports to come!

Oh, and my new discovery is Whole Grain Chips Ahoy. At 50 calories a cookie, I feel justified eating them if I do 10 minutes of jogging in place or dancing around the living room with Axel. Why deprive myself of everything I love?

Friday, January 19, 2007

New Home

I'm moving my blog to! Same mad ranting, new URL.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

South Beach Diet Weigh In - Week 1

So at the start of the year, my hubby and I made a pledge to start better eating habits and take a more active lifestyle. To do this, we turned to the South Beach Diet, which had worked for us in the past. The first time we did the diet, my husband lost over 40 pounds in a span of 6 months, while I lost 20 pounds. Of course at the time, I was also breastfeeding which may have contributed a LOT to my weight loss.

*A word of caution for South Beach Diet wannabees -- this diet is not designed for you to lose weight in a short time, but rather a lifestyle change for better eating habits and nutrition. The rapid weight loss in the first two weeks is a fringe benefit, but as my friend/physical therapist/nutritionist extraordinaire warned me, the diet can make you balloon up fast if you don't stick with it for the longterm. The South Beach diet is neither low-fat nor low-carb. Instead, it retrains your body to eat the good fats (aka good cholesterol) and the good carbs for longterm health goals.

Right now, we are on Phase I, the first of three phases in the South Beach Diet. It's also called "Strict Phase" - what I also call "LIVING HELL." This phase lasts for two weeks, in which, you must eliminate all sugar, all starchy, all fruit, soda and fatty cuts of meat. Only non-fat milk and fat-reduced cheese can be consumed, along with foods with sugar substitutes. My husband also calls this the "cleansing phase" of the diet because you are removing all the bad sugars and processed foods from your system, so you can start with a clean slate when you introduce other foods that will be allowed in Phase 2.

I bet you're wondering so what are we eating? Well, lots and lots of salad and vegetables -almost 3x more than what we use to eat, plus lean cuts of meat. So we've been grilling a lot more these days (thank GOD for our George Foreman grill!). We are also consuming lots of fish. The South Beach Diet book has a lot of great recipes and I modify them a lot to what ingredients we have. The other day, I made a ginger Tilapia, which was yummy...and a roasted eggplant which tomato, basil and low-fat mozzarella. It was basically a CPK pizza which had everything but the pizza crust.

And how do I feel so far? Well, yes I am lighter but for the first few days, I felt like I have less engergy to do things, and often find myself sleepy during the day. On Day 2, I took my usual 1 mile walk and it took me 30 minutes instead of the usual 15 minutes. I was soooo sluggish. My body is readjusting to the fact that I don't have a lot carbohydrates and sugar, which are ready to burn for energy. But after 5 days, I feel a little bit better already. One big plus I noticed is that my tummy already feels a little bit flatter. The reason for this is the scientific process of "ketosis," which means the the body fat is broken down for fuel.

So our official weigh in:
me (January 1) 133 lbs
(January 7) 129 lbs
hub (January 1) 185 lbs
(January 7) 179 lbs

Yippee!! I'm a LONG WAY OFF from my goal of 105 pounds but something about Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet gives you instant gratification that it's working and you see results immediately. After Phase 2 of course, the weight loss slows down to just one pound a week, which is considered healthier for long term weight loss but it's nice to just see the diet WORKING! Of course, the real test will come when I have my blood testing done next month and I'll see if I succeeded more in obtaining my primary goal, which is lowering my cholesterol.

I'll write more about our progress here. If you're interested in reading more about the South Beach Diet, check out the official website here. Or you can just read the book The South Beach Diet, like we did. I also found some great recipes at this blog, check them out!

Good luck to us!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

6 Years Ago Today